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Chopping and Transport of Low-Energy Ion Beams for FRANZ

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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17 Mar 2015, 14:57
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30 Mar 2015, 07:54
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30 Mar 2015, 07:54
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30 Mar 2015, 07:54
17 Mar 2015, 14:57
The accelerator-driven Frankfurt Neutron Source FRANZ is under construction at the science campus of Frankfurt University, Germany. A high-intensity 2 MeV proton driver linac will be used to produce neutrons via the 7Li(p,n)7Be reaction channel. The resulting neutron energy of 1 to 500 keV is especially suited for nuclear astrophysics experiments. The low-energy beam transport (LEBT) section consisting of four solenoids and a 250 kHz, 120 ns E×B chopper was successfully commissioned at low beam currents using a 14 keV He+ beam. The final high-current proton source has been already operated with dc currents above 200 mA. This talk will give an overview of the FRANZ facility and discuss numerical and experimental results of the novel E×B chopper system, which uses a static magnetic field and a pulsed electric compensation field in a Wien-filter type field array.
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