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Final Cooling for a High-Luminosity High-Energy Lepton Collider

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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23 Apr 2015, 15:26
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23 Apr 2015, 15:26
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23 Apr 2015, 15:26
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The final cooling system for a high-energy high-luminosity muon collider requires reduction of the transverse emittance by an order of magnitude to ~0.00003 m (rms, N), while allowing longitudinal emittance increase to ~0.1m. In the present baseline approach, this is obtained by transverse cooling of low-energy muons within a sequence of high field solenoids with low-frequency rf systems. Recent studies of such systems are presented. Since the final cooling steps are actually emittance exchange a variant form of that final system can be obtained by a round to flat transform in x-y, with transverse slicing of the enlarged flat transverse dimension followed by longitudinal recombination of the sliced bunchlets.
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