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Muon Accelerators: R&D Towards Future Neutrino Factory and Lepton Collider Capabilities

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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28 Apr 2015, 15:36
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28 Apr 2015, 15:36
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28 Apr 2015, 15:36
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Muon accelerators offer unique potential for high energy physics applications. Muon storage rings can provide pure, well-characterized and intense neutrino beams for short- and long baseline neutrino-oscillation studies ? thus providing unmatched measurement precision for key parameters such as the CP-violating phase and a sensitive probe for new physics. With the muon mass being 200 times that of the electron, muon beams are not subject to the synchrotron radiation and beamstrahlung limits imposed on electron-positron colliders. Thus muon beams can be accelerated to TeV-scale energies and stored in collider rings where the beams can interact for many revolutions. For center-of-mass energies in the multi-TeV range, muon colliders provide the most power efficient route to providing a high luminosity lepton collider. The R&D effort to develop these capabilities by the Muon Accelerator Program, the current status of the concepts, and future plans for this research are described.
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