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ON SECTOR MAGNETS OR transverse electromagnetic fields in cylindrical coordinates

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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08 Mar 2016, 12:49
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08 Mar 2016, 12:49
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08 Mar 2016, 12:49
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The Laplace's equations for the scalar and vector potentials describing electric or magnetic fields in cylindrical coordinates with translational invariance along azimuthal coordinate are considered. The series of special functions which, when expanded in power series in radial and vertical coordinates, in lowest order replicate the harmonic homogeneous polynomials of two variables are found. These functions are based on radial harmonics found by Edwin~M.~McMillan in his more-than-40-years "forgotten" article, which will be discussed. In addition to McMillan's harmonics, second family of adjoint radial harmonics is introduced, in order to provide symmetric description between electric and magnetic fields and to describe fields and potentials in terms of same special functions. Formulas to relate any transverse fields specified by the coefficients in the power series expansion in radial or vertical planes in cylindrical coordinates with the set of new functions are provided. This result is important for theoretical studies, design and proper modeling of sector dipoles, combined functions dipoles and any general sector element for accelerator physics. All results are presented in connection with these problems.
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