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Estimate of Skew Quadrupole Field in Tevatron Dipoles due to Creep

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Michael J. Syphers
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Michael J. Syphers
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18 Mar 2003, 10:42
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25 Mar 2003, 11:27
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25 Mar 2003, 11:27
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18 Mar 2003, 10:42
The strong systematic transverse coupling observed in the Tevatron is believed to have developed over time as fiberglass spacers used in the magnet design have crept into a compressed state during the lifetime of the accelerator. Below we present a simple model of the Tevatron dipole magnet using the method of magnetic images to calculate the skew quadrupole coefficient which would develop due to a displacement of the superconducting coil with respect to the iron yoke of the magnet. The influence on a_1 of the coil placement within the iron yoke is well known -- during construction of the Tevatron magnets, the coil was positioned in order to zero this variable while on the magnet test stand. The purpose of this document is to advance the understanding of this effect in a straight-forward way.
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