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SCHARGEV 1.0 - Strong space charge Vlasov solver

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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29 Jun 2016, 07:27
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29 Jun 2016, 07:28
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29 Jun 2016, 07:28
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The space charge (SC) is known to be one of the major limitations for the collective transverse beam stability. When SC is strong (i.e. space charge tune shift >> synchrotron tune) the problem allows an exact analytical solution. For that practically important case we present a fast and effective Vlasov solver SCHARGEV which calculates a complete eigensystem (spatial shapes of modes and bunch spectra) and therefore provides the growth rates and the thresholds of instabilities. SCHARGEV allows an inclusion of driving and detuning wake forces, coupled bunch motion, any feedback system and Landau damping. In this presentation we will consider a Gaussian bunch under the action of resistive wall wakes and damper. A numerical example for FermiLab Recycler Ring is given.
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