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IPAC'17 Preview - APT Seminar Series

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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25 Apr 2017, 07:47
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25 Apr 2017, 15:29
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Speaker 1: C Y Tan
Title 1: Tuner of a Second Harmonic Cavity of the Fermilab Booster

A1: This is a status report on the 2nd harmonic cavity for the Fermilab Booster as part of the Proton Improvement Plan for increasing beam transmission efficiency. A set of garnet rings for the tuner has been procured and is undergoing quality control tests. The Y567 tube for driving the cavity has been successfully tested at both injection and extraction frequencies. A cooling scheme for the tuner and cavity has been developed after a thorough thermal analysis of the system. RF windows have been procured and substantial progress has been made on the mechanical design of the cavity and the bias solenoid. The goal is to have a prototype cavity ready for testing by the end of 2017.

Speaker 2: Katsuya Yonehara , Fermilab
Title 2: R&D of Gas-Filled RF Beam Profile Monitor for Intense Neutrino Experiment

A2: Intense neutrino beam is a unique probe to research beyond the standard model. Fermilab is the center institution to produce the most powerful neutrino beam. A radiation-robust hadron beam profile monitor is one of the key beam elements to maintain the quality of neutrino beam. We propose a novel radiation-resistive beam profile monitor based on a gas-filled RF cavity technology. The simulation study demonstrates that the beam sensitivity is adjustable by tuning the RF parameter. Besides, it suggests that a low quality factor RF cavity is needed to accept extremely intense hadron beam. Optimization of RF parameters and the design of RF monitor are given in this presentation.

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