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Prototype on Archiving and Retrieving Tool for the high frequency D44 data

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Paul Lebrun
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Paul Lebrun
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03 Apr 2003, 07:56
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03 Apr 2003, 07:56
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03 Apr 2003, 07:56
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A prototype of a java-based archiver and data retriever for the high
frequency D44 data has been designed, mostly written and will be shortly
running on the small Linux cluster at CPD. High frequency data as defined
as 1Hz, or lower, dictated only by what the Front-End should deliver, and not by
limitation of the datalogger maximum capacity and/or the archival system.
A few Java threads are extracting data from the logger nodes
and writing ASCII files containing the D44 data. Data compression is
implemented. A retrieval class has also been written. This notes describes
the motivation for such a product, the prototype, its current performance
and limitations. A plan of action is suggested.

April 03: A short e-mail has been send to Mike Church and Jean Slaughter

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D44 SDA Controls
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