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Study of Microchannel Plates as a Novel Approach to Electron Gun Design for Electron Lenses

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Giulio Stancari
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Giulio Stancari
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01 Sep 2017, 14:58
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12 Oct 2017, 12:06
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12 Oct 2017, 12:06
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05 Sep 2017, 10:48
A recent proposal suggested the use of microchannel plates as cathodes for electron guns, as part of a novel electron lens design to be tested in the IOTA facility at Fermilab. To assess the suitability of microchannel plate technology in this design, a study of microchannel plate based photomultiplier (MCP-PMT) systems is performed. A systematic study of the Burle 85011-501 MCP-PMT is presented, including results from time response tests and maximum current density tests using different sources of light pulses. An investigation into the effects of magnetic fields on the MCP-PMT properties is also carried out. The Burle 85011-501 is shown to have good time response properties --- being capable of producing nanosecond order responses --- however maximum current values drawn from the device do not reach the desired value for the new electron lens design. The device performance is shown to have a strong dependency on magnetic field strength. Further work and improvements for future studies are suggested.
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Final report of the 2017 Helen Edwards summer internship in accelerator physics, under the supervision of V. Shiltsev and G. Stancari.
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