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Booster BPM Upgrade 2014 to 2017

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Craig C Drennan
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Craig C Drennan
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04 Oct 2017, 09:34
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04 Oct 2017, 09:34
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24 Oct 2017, 10:45
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Documents associated with the Booster BPM Upgrade Project.

AD/Instrumentation has been developing a wholly new BPM signal processing electronics that takes signals from the existing BPM detectors. The BPM detectors were new when the Booster Corrector Magnet upgrade went in. The new electronics will demodulate and digitize the position data and manage the timing and data organization to provide the complex turn-by-turn and orbit position presentation to the users.

Note: There was a previous BPM upgrade plan using HRM's to digitize data from the old BPM demodulators. The "Notes on details for installation" document dates back to this effort but provides lots of good information including detailed lists and photos.

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