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Skew Quadrupole Tuning and Vertical Dispersion in the Tevatron

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Michael J. Syphers
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Michael J. Syphers
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21 May 2003, 11:20
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05 Jun 2003, 11:48
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05 Jun 2003, 11:48
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21 May 2003, 11:20
Typical tuning procedures for the Tevaton have included minimizing the global coupling by adjusting skew quadrupole circuits to produce a minimum difference between the ``horizontal'' and ``vertical'' betatron tunes. In the early days of the Tevatron this was performed by small adjustments to the main skew quadrupole circuit, T:SQ. Since those times, the Tevatron has become a strongly coupled accelerator primarily due to the development of a systematic skew quadrupole moment in the dipole magnets [beams-doc-513]. Additionally, other skew quadrupole circuits, present in the original design but not used early on, have become operational and also are used routinely in the tuning of the Tevatron. While any or all of these circuits can easily affect the ``minimum tune split'' in the Tevatron, the strengths required -- due to the large a_1 -- have a measurable effect on the vertical dispersion function of the Tevatron.
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