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Digital Down Conversion Technology for Tevatron Beam Line Tuner at FNAL

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Vic Scarpine
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Vic Scarpine
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22 May 2003, 10:58
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22 May 2003, 11:00
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22 May 2003, 11:00
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22 May 2003, 10:58
Fermilab is presently in Run II collider operations and is developing instrumentation to improve luminosity.
Improving the orbit matching between accelerator components using a Beam Line Tuner (BLT) can improve the
luminosity. Digital Down Conversion (DDC) has been proposed as a method for making more accurate beam
position measurements. Fermilab has implemented a BLT system using a DDC technique to measure orbit
oscillations during injections from the Main Injector to the Tevatron. The output of a fast ADC is down-converted
and filtered in software. The system measures the x and y positions, the intensity, and the time of arrival for each
proton or antiproton bunch, on a turn-by-turn basis, during the first 1024 turns immediately following injection. We
present results showing position, intensity, and time of arrival for both injected and coasting beam. Initial results
indicate a position resolution of ~20 to 40 microns and a phase resolution of ~25 ps.
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PAC 2003 held from 12 May 2003 to 16 May 2003 in Portland, Oregon
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