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Nikolai Mokhov
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Nikolai Mokhov
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28 May 2003, 17:07
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28 May 2003, 17:07
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02 Jun 2008, 17:37
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The beam power in the upgraded Booster at 8 GeV and 10 Hz will be 64 kW.
Beam loss can result in high radiation loads in the ring.
The purpose of a new beam halo cleaning system is
to localize proton losses in specially shielded regions.
Calculations show that this 2-stage collimation system will
localize about 99% of beam loss in straight sections 6 and 7 and
immediately downstream. Beam loss in the rest of
the machine will be on average 0.1 W/m.
Local shielding will provide tolerable prompt and residual
radiation levels in the tunnel, above the tunnel at the surface and in the sump water.
Results of thorough MARS calculations are presented for
a new design which includes shielding integrated with the collimators,
motors and controls ensuring a high performance and facilitating maintenance.
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Booster Collimators held on 02 Nov 2005
PAC 2003 held from 12 May 2003 to 16 May 2003 in Portland, Oregon
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