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Nikolai Mokhov
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Nikolai Mokhov
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28 May 2003, 18:19
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28 May 2003, 18:19
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02 Jun 2008, 17:40
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Based on realistic Monte-Carlo simulations a two-stage beam collimation system
is designed to minimize the beam loss in the Fermilab Tevatron for fixed target
and collider Run II. Thin primary collimators are used to increase particle
amplitude and their impact parameter on the downstream secondary collimators.
This results in a significant reduction of the total beam loss in the machine,
decreases collimator overheating and mitigates requirements to collimator alignment.
A set of collimators will originally be installed for fixed target operation and for
antiproton beam recycling studies. The collimation system improvement will continue
into the collider Run II and intensity upgrade.
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PAC1999 held from 29 Mar 1999 to 02 Apr 1999
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