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A New Kind of Beam Pipe for Rapid Cycling Proton Synchrotrons

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Zhijing Tang
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Zhijing Tang
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28 May 2003, 20:54
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28 May 2003, 20:54
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28 May 2003, 20:54
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A thin metallic beam pipe reinforced by multi-layer spiral metallic ribs is proposed for rapid cycling proton synchrotrons. The pipe is made of Inconel 718 with thickness of a few tenths of mm. Each spiral rib has a cross section of about 0.3 mm2 and can be bonded
to the pipe by using laser deposition technique (e.g., precision metal deposition, or PMD). Compared with other designs (e.g.., ceramic beam pipe with a metallic cage used in the ISIS at the RAL), this new pipe will reduce the magnet aperture significantly, which, in turn, reduces the construction and operating cost of a synchrotron. Numerical simulations and analytical modeling are used to investigate the structural strength and deformation, and the eddy current effects, including heating, magnetic field distortion and the electro-magnetic force on the beam pipe. The results show that this new beam pipe will work. It can be employed to high intensity
rapid cycling proton synchrotrons, such as the proton driver at FERMILAB and the JHF at JAERI/KEK. Effort to build a prototype is under way.
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PAC 2003 held from 12 May 2003 to 16 May 2003 in Portland, Oregon
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Fermilab Record of Invention
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