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Tevatron Abort Kicker Prefire Simulations

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Alexandr Drozhdin
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Alexandr Drozhdin
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03 Jun 2003, 11:47
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15 Mar 2004, 18:15
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02 Jun 2008, 17:35
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03 Jun 2003, 11:47
The possible accidental beam losses in the Tevatron are studied via realistic Monte
Carlo simulations. Such a beam losses could be the consequence of an accidental
prefire of one of the abort kicker modules.
A two-turn particle tracking through the Tevatron lattice in a presence of
proton and antiproton orbit separation designed for Run II with beam deflection
by the proton and antiproton abort kickers is done with the STRUCT code.
The kicker waveform after kicker module prefire and accelerator aperture restrictions,
including collimation system, was realistically simulated. It was shown that
movable collimators located at the Tevatron A11 and A48 straight section in 7 and 4.4 mm down
from the beam pipe center can protect the Tevatron magnets against the quench and
eliminate losses in the B\O~ and D\O~ detectors.
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