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Aluminum Multicharged Ion Generation Using Spark-Assisted Laser Ion Source

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Fernanda G Garcia
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Fernanda G Garcia
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13 Aug 2018, 14:37
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13 Aug 2018, 14:37
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13 Aug 2018, 14:37
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Multicharged ions (MCI) sources are of interest for their utilization in surface modification, e.g., etching and deposition, for ion implantation and for fundamental studies of ion-surface interactions. The laser-matter interaction produces dense plasma consisting of ions, electrons, clusters and neutral particles. A spark-assisted laser multicharged ion (SALMCI) source is developed to enhance the plasma ionization by depositing spark energy into the laser ablated plume. The SALMCI source is composed of a laser MCI source and a separate spark stage to deposit energy into the laser ablated plasma. With amplification stage (spark discharge energy of 1.25 J and laser pulse energy (72 mJ/pulse), the total charge measured increases by a factor of ~9 and charge state up to Al6+ was observed compared to Al+3 generated with only the laser pulse. This approach also minimizes target damage by the laser pulse since the laser is mainly used to introduce the vapor into the spark while the energy delivered by the spark is used to heat the plasma increasing MCI production.
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