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RCS for Multi-MW Main Injector

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Jeffrey Eldred
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Jeffrey Eldred
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26 Mar 2019, 15:54
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26 Mar 2019, 15:54
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28 Jun 2019, 17:00
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A new Rapid-Cycling Synchotron (RCS) has long been proposed as an option to enable multi-MW beam power at the Main Injector. The DUNE Interim Design Report calls for a 2.4 MW upgrade to Fermilab proton complex by 2032. Most RCS-based scenarios to achieve this objective are really two-fold -- replacing the Booster with a new RCS while simultaneously upgrading the PIP-II linac energy to 2 GeV. Instead, we consider a staged approach – first, achieving the 2.4 MW benchmark with an RCS-only stage; second, preparing to take full advantage of any follow-up upgrade to linac energy. We consider several options for RCS-based facilities and discuss the wider implications for the proton complex. The RCS extraction energy is raised to 11 GeV to improve high-power performance of the Main Injector. And instead of using the Fermilab Recycler, slip-stacking would return to the Main Injector. The RCS facility would also provide a new 11 GeV beamline with 440 kW beam power. We would like a encourage feedback from variety of perspectives on the future of the Fermilab proton facility.
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