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Challenges and Studies for PIP-II Booster

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Jeffrey Eldred
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Jeffrey Eldred
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22 Jul 2019, 15:17
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22 Jul 2019, 15:17
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24 Jul 2019, 11:35
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PIP-II is a set of upgrades and improvements to the Fermilab proton complex that are part of the core strategy for Fermilab HEP program for the next decade. PIP-II not only entails a new superconducting linac but also achieving new performance benchmarks for the Booster. I will provide a brief overview of Booster upgrade activities and focus my discussion on transverse beam dynamics – lattice design, betatron resonances, space-charge emittance growth, collective instabilities, and injection region design. Transverse beam dynamics at the Booster has attracted international interest, with recent visitors from Japan, CERN, GSI, Radiasoft taking part in dedicated Booster beam studies. I describe our plan to build on those beam studies to make operational improvements for the Booster in preparation for PIP-II era beam intensity.
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