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NuMI Extraction Lambertson Configuration at MI60

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David E. Johnson
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David E. Johnson
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31 Jul 2003, 10:27
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31 Jul 2003, 10:27
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31 Jul 2003, 12:00
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04 Aug 2003, 12:07
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Numerous improvements to the NuMI primary beamline have been proposed due to the change from slow spill, concern for ground water activation, sensitivity to errors, the reduction of the carrier pipe length, and tuneability. The improvements have lead to a re-design of the transport section of the primary beamline to keep the lattice functions (beta and dispersion) smaller. The most notable changes have been to carry the FODO lattice of the MI through the line breaking up the long bend strings.. Since the carrier pipe distance was cut by a factor of two to about 50 m, the more practical approach of creating a straight section, similar to the Tevatron was possible. Additional effort has gone into optimizing the extraction section by investigating the closed orbit, kicker strengths, and Lambertson configurations to improve aperture and reduce extraction losses. This note examines the current Lambertson configuration proposed at the last review.
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