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Radiation Studies for Main Injector Activation Using MARS in a `Toy Model'

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Bruce C. Brown
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Bruce C. Brown
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09 Aug 2019, 14:35
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09 Aug 2019, 15:19
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09 Aug 2019, 15:22
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MARS studies of energy deposition and activation in the Main Injector tunnel are supplemented with studies with a simplified geometry in which the loss of 8 GeV protons are modeled in a cylindrical geometry. We use this to provide a more computer-efficient source for understanding. We build this model to compare with the Main Injector 20-Ton collimators and activation studies of materials placed at the C307 Collimator. Using these studies, we confirm basic activation issues for the Main Injector collimator region while exploring issues with various elements in order to determine which minor elements or isotopes may be important while removing concern about materials for which detailed specification can now be shown to not be of interest. We will explore the activation of steel as measured in special studies, examine activation of minor components of steel and document MARS results for the activation of various compositions of concrete and stainless steel. Results will be compared with some measurements and implications for long term tunnel activation issues will be examined.
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