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Development and First Test of the US-MDP 15T Nb3Sn Dipole Demonstrator (MDPCT1)

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Tiziana Spina
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Tiziana Spina
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16 Aug 2019, 14:00
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16 Aug 2019, 14:00
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19 Aug 2019, 09:53
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U.S. Magnet Development Program (US-MDP) has developed a 15 T Nb3Sn dipole demonstrator for a post-LHC hadron collider. The magnet design is based on 60mm aperture 4layer shell-type coils, graded between the inner and outer layers to maximize the magnet performance. The coils are made of two Rutherford cables, the cable in the two innermost layers consists of 28 strands 1.0 mm in diameter and the cable in the two outermost layers 40 strands 0.7 mm in diameter. Both cables were fabricated at Fermilab using RRP Nb3Sn composite wires produced by Bruker-OST. An innovative mechanical structure based on aluminum clamps and a thick stainless steel skin was developed to preload brittle Nb3Sn coils and support large Lorentz forces. The maximum field for this design is limited by 15 T due to mechanical considerations. The first magnet assembly was done with lower coil pre-load to to achieve 14 T and minimize the risk of coil damage during assembly. The design of the 15 T dipole demonstrator and the details of the magnet assembly procedure as well as the first results of magnet cold tests including quench performance and magnetic measurements will be presented and discussed.
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