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NAPAC 2019: Physics Studies for High Intensity Proton Beams at the Fermilab Booster

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Jeffrey Eldred
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Jeffrey Eldred
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05 Sep 2019, 12:46
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05 Sep 2019, 12:46
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05 Sep 2019, 12:46
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We present the results of the studies of the physics of high intensity proton seams at the 8 GeV Fermilab Booster RCS carried out in Spring 2019. The Booster studies span a variety of beam physics topics ¿ The discovery of a new convective beam instability, an investigation of power-supply ripple in the Booster gradient dipoles, a characterization of space-charge induced emittance growth, optimization of adiabatic capture, a study of periodicity in the Booster, nonlinear chromaticity measurements, and transverse impedance measurements. The results will help prepare the Booster for the upcoming PIP-II intensity upgrades and inform next-generation RCS design.
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