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2e13 PoT Simulations of AP0 and M2M3 Beamline Using G4Beamline (Sep-2019)

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Eremey V Valetov
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Eremey V Valetov
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21 Jan 2020, 08:59
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21 Jan 2020, 08:59
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27 Mar 2020, 00:39
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[G4BL code Rev.: Sep2019
Model Rev.: May2019]
We have performed 2e13 PoT simulations using G4Beamline from the beginning of the Muon g-2 Target Station (AP0) to the end of the M3 beamline. The entire dataset is a result of new calculations. The particle distribution was recorded by a virtual detector at the upstream end of CMAG.

Li lens is in the low gradient mode in these simulations.

The data files are in G4Beamline format. Each data file corresponds to 1e12 PoT. Initial coordinates InitX, InitY, and InitZ are given in the global coordinate system.

TODO: convert initial coordinates to the beamline coordinate system.

[Current status: simulations complete, upload complete, TODO completion pending.]
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(Work supported by DOE.)

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