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How a STEM education took me on a journey to CERN’s HiRadMat facility

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Rob Ainsworth
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Rob Ainsworth
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06 Mar 2020, 10:49
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06 Mar 2020, 10:49
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06 Mar 2020, 10:49
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From a very young age the world of science has always fascinated me. From stories of Archimedes jumping out of the bath shouting “Eureka” – the moment Archimedes principle was born; the apple falling on Newton’s head – bang, gravity; to Ada Lovelace the pioneer of computer programming, STEM education can open the door to different research fields enhancing the knowledge and understanding of our society. As a graduate from an interdisciplinary PhD programme in physics which aimed to accelerate and maximise the impact of new discoveries in bone replacement applications, I have applied the skills afforded by my academic career to innovative research in the UKs largest defence manufacturer and then to CERN. During this seminar I will briefly describe how I went from research into bone materials to working at CERN’s High Radiation to Materials (HiRadMat) user facility. Finally, I will explain HiRadMat in depth, describing how this unique facility providing high energy, high intensity proton beam to R&D experiments across the world enables unique investigation of thermal shock effects on components and prototypes as well as materials examination, beam diagnostic equipment development and Targetry systems assessment.
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