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Pbar acceleration in MI using 2.5 MHz and 53 MHz rf Systems

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Chandrashekhara M. Bhat
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Chandrashekhara M. Bhat
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22 Sep 2003, 17:25
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07 Nov 2005, 13:55
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07 Nov 2005, 13:55
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Here we present the results of beam dynamics simulations and beam studies in the Main injector on an 8-150 GeV pbar acceleration scheme. The scheme involves accelerating four 2.5 MHz bunches from 8-27 GeV using the MI 2.5 MHz (h=28) rf system, a harmonic beam transfer at 27 GeV front porch from 2.5 MHz to 53 MHz rf buckets after a bunch rotation and an acceleration from 27-150 GeV using the 53 MHz (h=588) rf system. This scheme is expected to give less than 50% longitudinal emittance growth while the currently used 53 MHz bunch coalescing scheme at 150 GeV which gives rise to an emittance growth in the range of 100-140%. Simulations are carried out for the new acceleration scheme for bunches with emittance in the range 0.8-2.8 eVs/bunch and intensities of 60E9-170E9. The simulations predict about 20% emittance growth. The beam studies have been performed for single and four bunch scenarios in the MI using protons from the Booster for the beam intensity of 20-60E9/bunch and initial longitudinal emittance of 0.8-2 eVs. The outcome of the beam studies is very promising. The data from the proton studies show that (see Appendix-II), beam transmission efficiency from 8-150 GeV is ~100% (e.g., for bunch intensity ~ 66E9/2.5 MHz bunch). The longitudinal emittance is preserved within 35% for this case at ~2 eVs. With pbars, the single bunch transmission efficiency was ~86%. We believe that there is no show-stopper for implementation for operation.
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DOE-July-2003 held from 21 Jul 2003 to 23 Jul 2003 in TBD
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