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Cryocooler conduction cooled SRF cavities for compact particle accelerators

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Rob Ainsworth
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Rob Ainsworth
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08 Jul 2020, 09:54
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08 Jul 2020, 09:54
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08 Jul 2020, 09:56
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SRF based particle accelerators can be an energy-efficient source of electron irradiation for several high-throughput industrial and environmental applications. The current reliance of the SRF technology on complex liquid helium cryogenic systems, however, can be a barrier to its adoption in industrial settings. In this talk, I will introduce cryocooler conduction cooling – a technique that breaks free from liquid helium, leading to a dramatically simple SRF cryo-system. I will present Fermilab’s efforts for the development of conduction cooled SRF cavities and first experimental results. I will then briefly describe the ongoing designs at Fermilab for compact, conduction cooled SRF based electron accelerators.
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