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Conceptual design report: a ring-based electron cooling system for the EIC

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Sergei Nagaitsev
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Sergei Nagaitsev
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03 Sep 2020, 15:27
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18 Sep 2020, 08:38
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18 Sep 2020, 08:38
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03 Sep 2020, 15:33
The dominant proton-beam heating mechanism in the EIC is intra-beam scattering (IBS). To counteract it, the beam cooling system must provide cooling times below 1-2 hours for the longitudinal and 1-5 hours for transverse degrees of freedom. This report describes a cooling system concept, based on a proven induction-linac technology with a dc (pulsed) electron beam. The system would operate in the full energy range of proton beams (100 – 270 GeV) and would provide 50-100 A electron beams, circulating in a cooler ring for 5 ms. Operation with a 10-ms cycle is possible but it will reduce the cooling rates by ~30 %. The system is capable of delivering the required performance in the entire energy range with cooling times less than 0.5-1 hour.
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