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Scenarios for an 8 GeV Linac “Booster Replacement”

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David V Neuffer
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David V Neuffer
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23 Sep 2020, 10:48
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23 Sep 2020, 10:48
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23 Sep 2020, 10:48
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Increasing the Main Injector (MI) beam power above ~1.2 MW requires replacement of the 8 GeV Booster by a higher intensity alternative. In the Project X era, rapid-cycling synchrotron (RCS) and Linac solutions were considered for this purpose. In this paper, we consider the Linac version that produces 8 GeV H- beam for injection into the Recycler Ring (RR) or Main Injector (MI). Starting from the Project X version, which has a 3 GeV cw segment followed by a 3-8 GeV pulsed linac, we consider alternative configurations. SRF improvements and changes in physics requirements may enable shorter linac configurations and different configurations of pulsed and cw components. Direct injection into the MI has advantages, but may conflict with MI-10 extraction for LBNF.
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