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C100 Faults and Fault Mitigation, an Overview

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Rob Ainsworth
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Rob Ainsworth
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02 Nov 2020, 09:43
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02 Nov 2020, 09:43
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02 Nov 2020, 09:43
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The CEBAF 12 GeV upgrade project, which was completed and commissioned in 2014, included the construction and installation of 80 7-cell superconducting cavities that were configured in 10 cryomodules, which are known as C100 cryomodules. In 2018, the software and hardware in the digital low-level RF systems was configured such that a fault would trigger an acquisition process to record 17 RF waveform signals for each of the 8 cavities within the cryomodule for subsequent analysis. This talk will describe the types of faults encountered during operation; their signatures in the time domain data and the impact on machine operation. It will also discuss how the results are being used to modify the setup of the machine; implement improvements to the cryomodules and the RF controls.
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