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Particle Scattering in the Residual Gas

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Valeri A Lebedev
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Valeri A Lebedev
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17 Nov 2020, 15:47
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17 Nov 2020, 15:47
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17 Nov 2020, 15:47
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17 Nov 2020, 15:48
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Coulomb scattering in accelerators involves a broad range of phenomena, including beam cooling, single and multiple intra-beam scattering on residual gas and plasma ions. Coulomb interactions are responsible for many undesirable phenomena, such as beam loss, halo formation and emittance growth. Conventionally, multiple and single Coulomb scattering of charged particles in accelerators is considered separately. Such an approach is simple and often yields sufficiently accurate results. Nevertheless, there is a class of problems, where such an approach is not adequate and multiple and single scattering needs to be considered together. In this presentation we consider an integro-differential equation for the particle distribution function, which correctly treats Coulomb scattering in the presence the betatron motion. We focus on residual-gas scattering, but this approach can be adopted to other phenomena. We then employ this new approach to analyze beam properties in several practical examples.
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