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Optical Stochastic Cooling in CESR

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Rob Ainsworth
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Rob Ainsworth
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04 Jan 2021, 09:56
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04 Jan 2021, 09:56
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04 Jan 2021, 09:58
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Optical Stochastic Cooling is an advanced particle beam cooling technique. It is based on the same principles as ordinary microwave stochastic cooling but is done at optical wavelengths in order to dramatically increase the bandwidth of the cooling system. At optimum gain the damping rate is proportional to the cooling system bandwidth. Therefore, OSC can achieve substantially faster damping rates over ordinary stochastic cooling, providing a way to cool dense hadron or heavy ion beams. In the Cornell Electron Storage Ring (CESR) we are pursuing a proof-of-principle OSC demonstration with an arc-bypass design. The major advantage of this bypass is it simultaneously provides a large optical delay, so that staged amplification can be used to achieve high gain, while also cooling particles at large betatron and synchrotron amplitudes. We will present on our progress towards this demonstration, including plans for a simplified test to demonstrate the feasibility of the arc-bypass.

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