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Intrabunch motion

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Rob Ainsworth
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Rob Ainsworth
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10 Feb 2021, 08:37
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10 Feb 2021, 08:37
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10 Feb 2021, 08:37
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Until now, the intrabunch signals superimposed turn after turn, as observed from a pickup monitor in the presence of coherent beam instabilities, have only been explained theoretically for independent longitudinal or transverse beam oscillation modes, i.e., when the bunch intensity is sufficiently low compared to the mode coupling threshold. These signals exhibit clear head/tail symmetries and they are called standing-wave patterns. However, many pictures measured in particle accelerators or simulated with macroparticle tracking codes exhibit clear head/tail asymmetries. How can this be understood theoretically? The purpose of this seminar (based on the recently published PRAB paper is to answer to this question for the case of impedance-driven instabilities, discussing also the influence of space charge, electron cloud and beam-beam. Better characterizing an instability is the first step before trying to find appropriate mitigation measures and push the performance of a particle accelerator. The evolution of the intrabunch motion with intensity is a fundamental observable with high-intensity high-brightness beams.
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