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A Monte Carlo Model of Tevatron Collider Operations

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Elliott S McCrory
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Elliott S McCrory
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13 Nov 2003, 14:49
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13 Nov 2003, 14:49
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13 Nov 2003, 14:49
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A phenomenological model of Tevatron Collider operations has been created.  Key elements of the operation of the facility have been randomized in this model to reflect actual Run II performance. In particular, failures and downtimes occur randomly, in agreement with the rates observed in reality. Similarly, performances are randomized, also in agreement with the range of possibilities in reality.  Some of the performance elements that have been randomized include: PBar transmission and emittance growth from the Accumulator to Low Beta, Shot Setup time, the Luminosity Lifetime, etc.  A primary motivation for this model is to guide the Run Coordinator on how to manage the operation of the Collider.  In particular, this model answers the question of how a particular criterion for ending stores affects the integrated luminosity.
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