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Preliminary Design of the Beam Position Detectors for the Fermilab Main Injector

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Ruth A. Becker
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Monica A Neuffer
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02 Dec 2002, 11:53
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24 Jun 2003, 00:00
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24 Jun 2003, 00:00
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24 Jun 2003, 10:31
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02 Dec 2002, 11:53
The progress of the design of the 204 detectors required for the Fermilab Main Injector, (FMI), Beam Position Monitor, (BPM), system is described. To conserve space, the detectors will be located inside the quadrupole magnets. The output from four striplines shorted at one end will be combines to form either horizontal or verical detectors. Commercially available software was used to select the geometry of the striplines for desired characteristic impedence, linearity, and output power. Prototype measurements are shown to agree with simulation and mechanical issues are discussed.
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