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MI-Notes in the Beams Document Database

The Main Injector Notes were created from 1989 through 2003. Beginning in 1998, documents were scanned and converted to formats for presentation on the World Wide Web. Due to various difficulties with these documents and the web page maintenance, the Beams Division Document Database was implemented and the Main Injector Notes transfered to it [Nov 2002 - October 2003]. It is believed that the versions of MI-Notes from the Beams Document Database are equivalent or superior (in some cases, much superior) to those from the MI-Notes website. In case of problems, access will continue to be permitted for the MI-Notes web page but it will not be maintained. Paper copies of these documents can be requested from the Main Injector Department Secretary (Ruth Becker at 630-840-2767 in 2003).

For future reference, the old document number is also stored in the Publication Information field in the new database, so you can search directly for old documents without using this page if you wish. MI Notes have numbers from 0001 through 0302. The following MI-Note number were assigned but no document exists: MI-0116, MI-0118, MI-0119, MI-0120, MI-0121, MI-0123, MI-0141, MI-0166, MI-0215, MI-0228, MI-0230, MI-0239, MI-0240. The new numbers are of the form Beams-doc-####-v#. MI-Notes were typically referenced as MI-#### and this is the number shown in the Publication Information field.


MI-0001         "A Dispersion Mismatch Criterion for the Main Injector to Tevatron Transfer Line," R. Gerig.

MI-0002         "A Dynamic Lattice Insertion for Main Injector Extraction," R. Gerig.

MI-0003         "A New Lattice for the Main Injector," R. Gerig.

MI-0004         "Main Injector Dipole: Conductor Optimization," S. Holmes.

MI-0005         "A Magnetic Design for a Dipole with Copper on the Medial Plane," S. Snowdon.

MI-0006         "Magnetic Design of the Main Injector Dipole," S. Snowdon.

MI-0007         "A 150 GeV MI_11 to Tevatron Beamline Solution," D. Johnson.

MI-0008         "Main Injector Transition Jump," S.D. Holmes.

MI-0009         "Transition Crossing Time Shifts," S. Peggs.

MI-0010         "MI-14 Beamlines Solutions for TeV Injection, Slow Extraction, Pbar Production, and Pbar Injection," D. Johnson.

MI-0011         "MI-Transition Crossing ESME Simulation," A. Bogacz.

MI-0012         " γt Jump Schemes(gamma_t Jump Schemes)," S. Peggs.

MI-0013         "Eddy Current Effects in the Main Injector Beam Tube," S. Holmes.

MI-0014         "Longitudinal Emittance Growth at Transition in the Main Injector," S. Pruss, A. Ruggiero.

MI-0015         "The Effect of Various Steels on B0/D0 Dipoles," S. Pruss.

MI-0016         "RF Considerations in the Main Injector," P. Martin.

MI-0017         "Magnets," T. Collins.

MI-0018         "RF Intensity Limitations in the Main Injector," J. Griffin.

MI-0019         "A Lattice Structure for the MI with an Imaginary γt "(A Lattice Structure for the MI with an Imaginary gamma_t), D. Trbojevic.

MI-0020         "A Stretcher Ring in the MI Tunnel," S. Pruss, A. Ruggiero.

MI-0021         "Decapole Magnet Design Study," S. Pruss.

MI-0022         "Main Ring Decapole Content," S. Pruss.

MI-0023         "Extraction Losses from the Main Injector," C. Moore, S. Childress.

MI-0024         "Fermilab Fixed Target Beams from the Main Injector," S. Childress et al.

MI-0025         "MI_15 Kicker Specifications," D. Johnson.

MI-0026         "Main Injector Sextupole Requirements," R. Gerig. (updated 6 July 1990)

MI-0027         "Standard Ramps," P. Martin.

MI-0027A         "150 GeV and Revised 120 GeV Ramps," P.S.Martin.

MI-0028         "Main Injector Corrector Strength Analysis," R. Gerig.

MI-0029         "Main Injector RF Cycle and Z/N Limit," K-Y Ng.

MI-0030         "Some Estimation Concerning Crossing Transition of the Main Injector," K-Y Ng.

MI-0031         "Sloping the Main Injector," P.S. Martin.

MI-0032         "Dynamic Aperture with γt Jump (Dynamic Aperture with gamma_t Jump)," R. Gerig.

MI-0033         "Transition Crossing in the Main Injector-ESME Simulation," S. A. Bogacz.

MI-0034         "Proposal for MI Injection and Extraction Kickers," J. A. Dinkel.

MI-0035         "Burning up the Beampipe," J. A. Johnstone.

MI-0036         "Main Injector Dipole Magnet: 2d Field Computations ," J-F Ostiguy.

MI-0037         "Eddy Current Induced Multipoles in the Main Injector," J-F Ostiguy.

MI-0038         "The Definition of α1 : Circumference, Johnson, or ESME? (The Definition of alpha_1: Circumference, Johnson, or ESME?)," J. MacLachlan, K-Y Ng, S. Peggs.

MI-0039         "Main Injector Dipole Magnet: Lorentz Forces," J-F Ostiguy.

MI-0040         "Main Ring Remnant Configuration," S. L. Hays, P. S. Martin, W. A. Merz, D. A. Wolff.

MI-0041         "Main Injector Quadrupoles: Magnetic Design Issues," J-F Ostiguy.

MI-0042         "Comments on the Behavior of α1 in Main Injector γt Jump Schemes, (Comments on the Behavior of alpha_1 in Main Injector gamma_t Jump Schemes)" S. A. Bogacz, S. Peggs.

MI-0043         "MI Beam Tube Analysis," J. Kerby.

MI-0044         "Physical Aperture and Beamline Matching Criteria for the Main Injector," S. Holmes, P. Martin, S. Peggs.

MI-0045         "Microwave Instability at Transition - Stability Diagram Approach," S. A .Bogacz

MI-0046         "B-H Curves For/From Armco Steel ," B. C. Brown.

MI-0047         "Location of Main Injector Relative to Tevatron," S. Peggs.

MI-0048         "α1 Dismay (alpha_1 Dismay)," J. A. MacLachlan.

MI-0049         "Estimates of Skew Quad Strengths and Locations for the Main Injector," P. Bagley & S. Peggs.

MI-0050         "Chromaticity Compensation Sextupole Strengths," A. Bogacz.

MI-0051         "2D Magnetostatic Field Representations on a Rectangular Region," J-F Ostiguy.

MI-0052         "Measurements of the Momentum Dependance of Orbit Length in the Main Ring," Experimenters: I. Kourbanis, J. MacLachlan, K. Meisner; Date of studies: August 21, 1990.

MI-0053         "Desirable Tevatron F0 Straight Optics for 150 GeV Injection," D. E. Johnson, S. Peggs.

MI-0054         "Change in Nomenclature for the Main Injector," P. Martin.

MI-0055         "Synchrotron Phase Transition Crossing Using an RF Harmonic," J. E. Griffin.

MI-0056         "Chromaticity Compensation - Main Injector Sextupole Strength," S.A. Bogacz and S. Peggs.

MI-0057         "A Transitionless Lattice for the Fermilab Main Injector," K. Y. Ng, D. Trbojevic, S. Y. Lee.

MI-0058         "Design and Multiparticle Simulation of the Half Integer Slow Extraction System for the Main Injector,"D. Trbojevic, M. Harrison.

MI-0059         "Examination of the Stability of the Advanced Imaginary γt Lattice (Examination of the Stability of the Advanced Imaginary gamma_t Lattice)," K. Y. Ng, D. Trbojevic, S. Y. Lee.

MI-0060         "Minutes from the First Main Injector 'Review' Meeting May 29, 1991," P. S. Martin.

MI-0061         "Transition Crossing with Positive Chromaticity - A Proposed Main Ring Measurement of α1 vs Chromaticity (Transition Crossing with Positive Chromaticity - A Proposed Main Ring Measurement of alpha_1 vs Chromaticity)," S. A. Bogacz and I. Kourbanis.

MI-0062         "Proposal for Experimental Test of RF Harmonic Transition Crossing in the Main Ring," J. E. Griffin, C. Bhat.

MI-0063         "Proton Single Coalesced-Bunch Intensities in the Main Injector," G. Dugan.

MI-0064         "Main Injector Sextupole Strength - Supplement ", S. A. Bogacz.

MI-0065         "Siberian Snakes in the Main Injector," Uli Wienands, TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada.

MI-0066         "Systematic and Random Errors for Main Injector Tracking," Fady A. Harfoush, Shekhar Mishra.

MI-0067         "Conceptual Design Report of Vacuum Pumping System for Main Injector," Shuxiu Zhang, December 30, 1991.

MI-0068         "Estimation of the Effective Pumping Speed for Two Installation Geometries," Shuxiu Zhang, September 27, 1991.

MI-0069         "Glow Discharge Cleaning for the Main Injector," Shuxiu Zhang.

MI-0070         "Simulation of the Dynamical Performance of the Main Injector at 8.9 GeV," C. S. Mishra, F. A. Harfoush.

MI-0071         "Main Injector Correctors Workshop, Friday, May 8, 1992, Fermilab.

MI-0072         "Effective Length of the Main Injector Dipole and its Effect on Main Injector," C. S. Mishra, H. D. Glass, F. A. Harfoush.

MI-0073         "How Long is a 'Foot'?" A. D. Russell.

MI-0074         "Beamline Errors and Corrector Strengths" Dave Johnson.

MI-0075         "Calculating Orbit Errors in Main Injector Using Two or One BPM/Cell Correction Scheme," Fady A. Harfoush, 12/3/92.

MI-0076         "Instrumentation Requirements for the Fermilab Main Injector," D. E. Johnson.

MI-0077         "On the Calculation of Sextupole Correctors Strength in Main Injector Using TPOT," Fady A. Harfoush, 12/2/92.

MI-0078         "Beamline Power Supply Ripple and Regulation Specifications," D. Johnson, March 2, 1993.

MI-0079         "Kicker Operating Margins," D. Johnson, March 3, 1993

MI-0080         "Response to Recommendation from September 1992 DOE Review, Main Injector Ring Vacuum - WBS," James A. MacLachlan, 10 March 1993.

MI-0081         "Summary of the Existing MR Beam Diagnostics for Use in Main Injector," C. M. Bhat, D. Johnson, March 1993.

MI-0082         "Location of Tevatron RF in the Main Injector Era and Clarification of the Tevatron F0 Geometry," D. Johnson, May 14, 1993.

MI-0083         List of Abstracts/Papers Submitted to PAC93, Washington DC, May 17-20, 1993

MI-0084         Transparencies from 150 GeV Line Status Review

MI-0085         "New Configuration of the MI Skew Quads - Local and Global Decoupling Efficacies," Alex Bogacz, 7/23/93.

MI-0086         "A Design Study of the MI40 Beam-Abort Dump," C. M. Bhat, July 29, 1993.

MI-0087         "Radiation Shieldings for MI Culverts," C. M. Bhat, August 1, 1993.

MI-0088         "Study of the Fermilab Main Injector Lattice ," C. S. Mishra, F. A. Harfoush, August 25, 1993.

MI-0089         "How the Tevatron was Aligned (1980-83)," C. Thornton Murphy, talk given at the MIAP Seminar, August 27, 1993.

MI-0090         "Resonant Charging and Pulse Sharpening for the Proton Injection Kicker: Test Results from MKS-90 Main Ring System," C. Jensen, D. Qunell.

MI-0091         "A Simplified Analysis of Resonant Extraction at the Main Injector," John A. Johnstone, September 7, 1993.

MI-0092         "Beam Loading Effects During Multi-Batch Snap Coalescing," D. Wildman.

MI-0093         "Geodesy and Alignment Concepts for the Fermi Main Injector," Virgil Bocean, Geodest, Fermilab Survey, Alignment, and Geodesy Group, October 1, 1993.

MI-0094         "Radioactivity of the Closed Loop Cooling Water of the Main Injector Beam Abort Dump," C. M. Bhat, September 1993.

MI-0095         "A Numerical Simulation of Resonant Extraction," J. Johnstone, October 8, 1993.

MI-0096         "Preliminary Design of the Beam Position Detectors for the Fermilab Main Injector," E. Barsotti, Jr. and J. Crisp.

MI-0097         "FMI PCS Self Assessment Report," October 29, 1993.

MI-0098         "Beam Loading Effects for a Partially Filled MI Ring," S. A. Bogacz, November 5, 1993.

MI-0099         "Radiation Levels in the MI-60 Enclosure from Tevatron Beam Losses," C. M. Bhat, December 8, 1993.

MI-0100         "Main Injector Sextupole Strength - Reassessment," S. A. Bogacz, December 1993.

MI-0101         "MIDB Users and Uses," A. D. Russell, R. Baiod, January 24, 1994.

MI-0102         "BPM Alignment Tolerance Considerations," P. S. Martin, January 7, 1994.

MI-0103         "Impedance and Instability Threshold Estimates in the Main Injector I ," M. A. Martens and K. Y. Ng.

MI-0104         "Radiation Levels in the 8 GeV Beamline Arising from the Tevatron Beam Losses," C. M. Bhat, A. Russell and P. Martin, March 25, 1994.

MI-0105         "An Air-Cooled FMI Abort Dump?," Phillip S. Martin & Chandra Bhat, April 4, 1994.

MI-0106         "γt Jump Design Considerations for the Fermilab Main Injector " (gamma_t Jump Design Considerations for the Fermilab Main Injector), Stephen D. Holmes, APS Meeting, April 18, 1994.

MI-0107         "Low-Dispersion γt Jump Scheme for the Main Injector (Low-Dispersion gt Jump Scheme for the Main Injector)," A. Bogacz and K.Y. Ng, May 2, 1994.

MI-0108         "Study of the Main Injector Quadrupole Measurement Precision," C.S. Mishra, April 14, 1994.

MI-0109         "Study of the Alignment Tolerance and Corrector Strength in the Fermilab Main Injector Lattice," C. S. Mishra, May 25, 1994.

MI-0110         "Study of the Long and Short Quadrupoles Strength Match," C. S. Mishra, June 30, 1994.

MI-0111         "Measurement of Main Ring Quads for Main Injector BPM Dimensions," Jim Fitzgerald, June 15, 1994.

MI-0112         "Dipole Strength Dispersion," Rachid Baiod, February 10, 1995

MI-0113         "Evaluation of Beam Coupling Due to the Dipole Current Loop," Rachid Baiod, October 28, 1994.

MI-0114         "Eddy Currents in the Main Injector Dipole Magnet Coils," Jean-Francois Ostiguy, July 21, 1994.

MI-0115         "Permanent Magnet Stability,"Jean-Francois Ostiguy, June 14, 1996.

MI-0116         Skipped #  

MI-0117         "Initial Determination of Main Injector Quadrupole Steel Lengths," David Harding, August 5, 1994.

MI-0118         Skipped #

MI-0119         Skipped #

MI-0120         Skipped #

MI-0121         Skipped #

MI-0122         "Main Injector Era Backfeed Recommendations," Cezary Jach, November 1995

MI-0123         Skipped #

MI-0124         "Main Injector Vacuum System Design Analysis," Dennis Stoller, 10/17/94.

MI-0125         "X-Y Coupling of Betatron Motion from MI Dipole Bus Current ," James A. MacLachlan, 25 October 1994.

MI-0126         "Data Analysis & Quality Control of the Fermilab Main Injector Dipoles Using the Flatcoil Measurements," C.S.Mishra, January 16, 1995.

MI-0127         "Comparing LTV & ARMCO Magnetic Steel," Jean-Francois Ostiguy, January 18, 1995.

MI-0128         "Cyclic, High-Power Tests of Main Injector Dipoles at E4-R," Phil. Martin, March 6, 1995.

MI-0129         "Beam Heating of Vacuum Windows," John A. Johnstone, June 5, 1995.

MI-0130         "Main Injector Dipole Magnet Acceptance Criteria," C.S. Mishra, February 28, 1995.

MI-0131         "Summary Report on the MIR 20.0 Ft. Dipole Magnet Performance/Thermal Test," Arie Lipski, June 24, 1994.

MI-0132         "FE Thermal Stress Analysis of the Main Injector Dipole Coil," Eric Haggard, September 22, 1994.

MI-0133         "Electrical Modeling of Main Injector Dipole Magnets," Si Fang, March 17, 1995.

MI-0134         "Electrical Modeling of Main Injector Quadrupole Magnets," Si Fang, March 3,1995.

MI-0135         "Electrical Modeling of Main Injector Sextupole Magnets," Si Fang, February 1, 1995.

MI-0136         "Specifications for the Main Injector Horizontal Correction Elements," David Johnson, September 3, 1993.

MI-0137         "High Beta Insert for MI-like Ring," David Johnson, February 22, 1995.

MI-0138         "Recycler Ring Lattice Design with Combined Function Magnets," Dave Johnson, March 3, 1995.

MI-0139         List of papers submitted to the 95 PAC, Dallas, TX, May 1-5, 1995.

MI-0140         "Influence of Process Parameters on the Magnetic Properties of LTV-Processed Steel," Consultant, May 3, 1995.

MI-0141         Skipped #

MI-0142         " µ-Dose Level in the Vicinity of the Intersection of the 8 GeV and the AP2-Beamlines," C. M. Bhat, June 28, 1995.

MI-0143         "Design of the Beam Profile Monitor for Phase 1 of the 5 MeV Electron Cooling Test Beam Facility," Gerald Jackson, August 11, 1995.

MI-0144         "Vacuum System Design and Performance Calculations for Phase 1 of the 5 MeV Electron Cooling Test Beam Facility," Gerald Jackson, August 14, 1995.

MI-0145         "Design Specifications for the 90o Dipoles for the Recycler Ring Electron Cooling Beamline," Gerald Jackson, August 14, 1995.

MI-0146         1995 Electron Cooling Spring Study Bibliography.

MI-0147         "Outline of the 5 MeV Electron Test Beam Project," Gerald Jackson, August 21, 1995.

MI-0148         "Radiation Level in the Intersection Region of AP2 and 8 GeV Beam-line due to Beam Loss in the AP2 Beam-line," C. M. Bhat and P. Martin, August 23, 1995.

MI-0149         "Thermal Tests of an Insulated Coil," P. Martin, G. Pewitt, December 14, 1995.

MI-0150         "Recycler and 8 GeV Line Permanent Magnets: Reference Design and Performance Requirements,"G. W. Foster

MI-0151         "AP4 Beam Dump and Allowed Beam Intensity Limit During the Construction Phase of theMI-8 GeV Beam-line," C. M. Bhat, December 12, 1995.

MI-0152         "Thoughts on FMI Application Programming, CHEP95 and the Main Injector," C.S. Mishra, (MIAP) October 5, 1995.

MI-0153         "Data Analysis and Quality Control of the Fermilab Main Injector Dipoles Using the Flatcoil Measurements," C. S. Mishra, January 16, 1995.

MI-0154         "Results of Off-Center Harmonic Measurements and Analysis," C. S. Mishra, June 30, 1995.

MI-0155         "Main Injector Dipole Magnets Placement in MI62 and MI10," C. S. Mishra, December 20, 1995.

MI-0156         "Transverse Schottky Detector for Antiproton Recycle Ring," P. J. Chou, December 18, 1995.

MI-0157         "Recycler Closed Orbit Distortion from a Systematic Mismatch Between Long and Short Combined Function Magnet Strengths," S. D. Holmes & C. S. Mishra, February 29, 1996.

MI-0158         "Recycler Closed Orbit Distortion Expected from Random Magnetic Element Strength and Alignment Errors," S. D. Holmes, March 4, 1996.

MI-0159         "RF Power Limitation on Main Injector Beam Current," J. E. Griffin, 2-3-96.

MI-0160         "Recycler Beta Function Distortions from Systematic and Random Gradient Errors in Combined Function and Quadrupole Magnets," S. D. Holmes and C. S. Mishra, April 2, 1996.

MI-0161         "Recycler Pbar Transfer Lines Recycler Pbar Transfer Lines, " Dave Johnson, March 22, 1996.

MI-0162         "Closed Orbit Effects Due to Longitudinal Bend Center Displacement," Bruce C. Brown, April 2, 1996.

MI-0163         "MI-10 Injection Layout," Dave Johnson, May 17, 1996.

MI-0164         "Stochastic Cooling of the Recycler Antiproton Stack Momentum Spread Including Intrabeam Scattering and Barrier Buckets," Gerald P. Jackson, March 29, 1996.

MI-0165         "Evaluation of Resonance Widths from Recycler Magnetic Field Multipoles," S. D. Holmes, April 3, 1996.

MI-0166         Skipped #

MI-0167         "Momentum Stacking in the Recycler," John Marriner, April 1, 1996.

MI-0168         "Filter Momentum Cooling for the Recycler," John Marriner April 5, 1996

MI-0169         "Betatron Cooling for the Recycler," John Marriner, April 10, 1996.

MI-0170         "Magnetic Field Quality Specification for Recycler Ring Combined Function and Quadrupole Magnets," S. D. Holmes, N. Gelfand, D. E. Johnson, and C. S. Mishra, July 17, 1997

MI-0171         "Impedances and Beam Stability Issues of the Fermilab Recycler Ring," King-Yuen Ng, April 1996.

MI-0172         "Chromaticity Adjustment System for the Recycler," S. D. Holmes, April 22, 1996.

MI-0173         "A Possible Strategy for Recycler Orbit Correction," S. D. Holmes, April 26, 1996.

MI-0174         "Simple Technique for Bumping Permanent Magnets to a Desired Strength," David Anderson, May 1996.

MI-0175         "A Low Beta, High Dispersion Insert for the Recycler Ring," Norman M. Gelfand, June 19, 1996.

MI-0176         "Recycler Lattice (rrv6.)," S. Ohnuma, June 1996.

MI-0177         "Permanent Magnet Stability: Addendum," Jean-Francois Ostiguy, July 19, 1996.

MI-0178         "Beta Function Distortions from Systematic and Random Gradient Errors in Combined Function and Quadrupole Magnets for Lattice RRV7," S. Holmes, July 31, 1996.

MI-0179         "Evaluation of Resonance Widths from Recycler Magnetic Field Multipoles for Recycler Lattice RRV7," S. Holmes, July 31, 1996.

MI-0180         "8 GeV Beam Absorber for Beam Line Commissioning," C. Winfrey & C. Bhat, July 31, 1996.

MI-0181         "A Phase Trombone for the Recycler Ring," Al Garren and David Robin, July 26, 1995.

MI-0182         "Lambertson Final Design Review Responses," Dave Johnson, October 25, 1995.

MI-0183         "Mass Separation in a Proton Analog of a 5 MeV Electron Beam," K. J. Bertsche, August 1996.

MI-0184         "Achromatic Bends for Electron Beam Transport at Fermilab," K. J. Bertsche, August 1996.

MI-0185         "Main Injector Quad Length Ratios and Current vs Tune Parameters," Dave Johnson, July 8, 1996.

MI-0186         "Ground-water Activation from the Operation of MI40 Beam Absorber," C. M. Bhat and A. L. Read, August 28, 1996.

MI-0187         "Short Summary of my Visit to Fermilab," Ch. Steinbach, September 10, 1996

MI-0188         "Main Injector and Beamline Naming Conventions," D. Johnson, A. Russell, P. Martin, Rev. 1, November 1, 1996.

MI-0189         "MI Device and ACNET Names," Dave Johnson, Dean Still, Rev. 2, October 29, 1996.

MI-0190         "MI Instrumentation: Layouts and Rack Layouts," G.Vogel, October 21, 1996.

MI-0191         "8 GeV Line Instrumentation: Locations and Rack Layouts," G.Vogel, 10/2/96.

MI-0192         "Timing Requirements for the 8 GeV Proton Injector Kicker," Dave Johnson, June 2, 1997.

MI-0193         "Rogowski Coil Measurements of PQP003 and PQP004," Bruce Brown & Stanley Pruss, November 25, 1996.

MI-0194         "Mechanical and Magnetic Tolerances in Recycler Prototype Magnets," Bill Foster, 20 November 1996.

MI-0195         "Reference Orbit Trajectory in a Combined Function Magnet," S. D. Holmes, December 5, 1996.

MI-0196         "Translating Measured Multipoles onto the Reference Orbit in Recycler Combined Function Magnet," S. D. Holmes, December 5, 1996.

MI-0197         "Accelerator Physics Issues," Shekhar Mishra, September 17-19, 1996 Main Injector DOE Review.

MI-0198         "Characteristics of the RRv9 Lattice as Determined from Tracking and Calculations of the Effects of the High Order Multiple Moments Listed in MI-0170," Norman Gelfand, December 5, 1996.

MI-0199         "Effect of the Measured Sextupole Moment of the Recycler Magnets on the Chromaticity and the Dynamic Aperture," Norman Gelfand, December 9, 1996.

MI-0200         "Rectangular Combined Function Magnets," Norman Gelfand, January 28, 1997

MI-0201         "Groundwater, Air-Borne and Soil Activation from the Operation of the Temporary Beam Absorber in the MI-8 GeV Beam Line," C. M. Bhat and A. F. Leveling, January 25, 1997.

MI-0202         "Effects of the Longitudinal Variation in the Magnetic Field in the Recycler Combined Function Magnets," Norman Gelfand, February 20, 1997.

MI-0203         "The Effect of Quadrupole Magnetic Fields on Main Injector BPM Measurements," Jim Crisp & Jim Fitzgerald, January 31, 1997.

MI-0204         "Measurements of the Longitudinal Shape and Center of the Magnetic Field of PDD Dipoles," Bruce C. Brown, February 17, 1997.

MI-0205         "Main Injector 8 GeV Beam Line Shielding Assessment," C. M. Bhat, P. S. Martin and A. F. Leveling, February 10, 1997.

MI-0206         PAC97 Abstract List Management of Main Injector Project.

MI-0207         "Analytic Results on Requirements for Recycler Gradient Magnet Longitudinal Uniformity, " Bruce Brown, February 27, 1997 (Draft Only)

MI-0208         "Beam Line Beam Loss Monitors," Marvin Olson, March 12, 1997.

MI-0209         "Optics and Field Error Compensation in the FNAL Permanent Magnet 8.9 GeV/c Proton Transfer Line," John A. Johnstone, Presented at PAC97, May 1997

MI-0210         "Magnet Orientations in Beamlines," Dave Johnson, May 30, 1997.

MI-0211         "MI Power Supply Control Issues for Magnets with Hysteresis," Bruce C. Brown, June 26, 1997.

MI-0212         "Mirror Magnet Designs for the Recycler Ring," G. W. Foster, August 17, 1998

MI-0213         "Dynamic Aperture for the Recycler Lattices RRv16 and RRv17," Norman Gelfand, July 18, 1997.

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MI-0215         Skipped #

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